Shizuoka Sencha Saemidori 渋みが美味しい深蒸し茶:シングルオリジン:静岡のさえみどり

税込 配送料は、購入手続きの際に計算されます。



  • 茶葉:3-5グラム/抽出時間:30-60秒/水温・量:70°C、200 ml/3煎までお楽しみください。
  • 甘味と渋味のバランスが良くて、美味しい静岡の深蒸し茶

3rd generation tea farmer Hiroki Matsumoto manages some 30 fields in the Kiriyama region of the Makinohara plain in Shimada, Shizuoka. He utilizes the UNESCO designated World Heritage agricultural tradition, Chagusaba, to cultivate his tea leaves. This tradition requires farmers to cultivate sasa grasses surrounding the tea fields, and use the grasses as fertilizer in the fields.

This year's saemidori cultivar has come out excellent. Even though unshaded, the strength of the field's natural umami creates a delicious balance as a deep-steamed fukamushi sencha green tea. 

Steeping Notes & Flavor Profile

  • Tea: 3-5 grams. Time: 30-60 sec. Water: 70C/158F degrees, 200 ml. Resteep 2-3 times. Use more tea, more time or less water for stronger flavor. Use hotter temperature for more bitterness, lower temperature for more sweetness. Cold steeping also recommended 5g / 500 ml water, and steep in refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
  • At the above hot temperature, using soft water, expect a strong brew of tea that is thick and balanced between sweetness and grassiness with a sweet, vegetal aftertaste.