Rose Black Tea (1.5g tea bags) 薔薇和紅茶ティーバッグ

税込 配送料は、購入手続きの際に計算されます。


The rich, floral aroma of rose petals combined with delicious black tea, all grown in Shimane Prefecture, and provided in convenient tea bags.



      • 原材料:和紅茶, 薔薇の花びら
      • 収穫:4月、オーガニック
      • 産地: 島根県
      • 1.5g x 4 袋
  • 開封後は密封性と遮光性のある容器に移し、冷暗所に保存する

Product info

  • Ingredients: black tea, rose petals
  • Harvest: April, plucked in the morning for maximum strength of aroma. Organic fertilizer used, no pesticides used.
  • Region: Nagahisa Village, Oda City, Shimane, Japan.
  • Storage: Keep airtight in cool, dry area away from sunlight.
  • Made in Japan

Producer info

Okuizumo Rose Garden is an artisanal rose producer known throughout Japan for their high quality edible roses which director Atsushi Fukuma developed over a 10-year period. Location: 411-14 Nagahisaguchi, Nagahisacho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.